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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in LondonExpats in London 1 day, 6 hours ago

    London – Fabric: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day both promise to be memorable at one of London’s most famous (infamous) clubs, one with Patrick Topping headling, the other with Daniel Avery.

    For NYE, Fabric has two rooms of fun:

    ROOM 1
    Patrick Topping
    Acid Mondays
    Alex Virgo

    ROOM 2
    Daniel Avery…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in ParisExpats in Paris 1 day, 6 hours ago

    Paris – International Dream Party New Year Event: Bid farewell to 2018 and say hello to 2019 in the City of Lights at Nouveau Casino on New Year’s Eve, where invited artist Joanne Togati’s discography will be mixed by the likes of Franco-Haitian duo Juicy’s Empire, Italy’s Kevin Moncado, and Germany’s DJ Olde.


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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in AmsterdamExpats in Amsterdam 1 day, 6 hours ago

    Amsterdam – New Year’s Eve at Shelter: Amsterdam’s new art space/music club has a hot international lineup for NYE.

    American veteran DJ Bone will be there with Scotland’s hottest artists, Jasper James, and fellow Shelter residents and Amsterdam favourites William Djoko and Carlos Valdes.

    You can get ticke…>

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    Forget the conventional computer chip because pretty soon, no one will be able to get improved performance out of electrons racing through an integrated circuit etched on silicon. Moore’s Law (which of course was not a “law,” but a prediction) has hit the wall. What’s coming next is photonics, and this new industr…>

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    This is yet another company with an Estonia heritage. And like Skype and TransferWise, we see great things for Pipedrive, which is a next-gen CRM/sales-management software. We’re not the only ones to see the potential. Pipedrive just got a $10 million C round from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, the investment arm o…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic • N26 in Berlin in the forum Jobs 4 days, 22 hours ago

    N26 is no startup, but it’s still a privately held virtual bank. N26 is one of the more successful young Fintech companies with 2 million customers, about $1.5 billion in transactions every month and about 1 billion in deposits. Which is nice, but for a bit of context, the largest American banks such as NYC-based C…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic NA-KD, Gothenburg, Sweden in the forum Jobs 1 week ago

    That name is a little awkward: “So, you got a new job!” “Yeah, I work at NA-KD. No, I don’t work naked, I work at NA-KD.”

    But this two-year-old e-commerce market startup has been doing well as of late. NA-KD executives stated they sold 11 million euros’ worth of merchandise during the Black Friday weekend, ad…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic BLABLACAR, Paris in the forum Jobs 1 week ago

    We thought Paris-based ride broker Blablacar went public long ago because it’s been around forever. In fact, it has not, though Lyft is poised for an IPO, just beating Uber to the equity markets. So the ride-sharing thing still hasn’t shaken out, and Blablacar still has a chance to dominate in Europe with its car…>

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    Barcelona –The Rowmuda Triangle: After you’ve pocketed your winnings from Spain’s famous El Gordo lottery, hit the showers, and throw on your freshest threads, get back to raving from the late morning into the late evening of the first day of 2019 at Barcelona’s Elrow. DJs including Adam Beyer, Toni Varga, Eddy M,…>

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    With the help of Booking.com, I found the Jacobs Inn Hostel, which had a bathroom in each room and privacy curtains around each bunk.

    DUBLIN FROM JACOBS INN (Photo by Beth Hoke for Dispatches Europe)

    As with the student housing, I expected a young, noisy crowd, especially since it was summer in Dublin and excitement…>

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    As everyone knows, there’s an on-going clash between European officials and those of us in the digital space. Digital Freedom Festival is about addressing that tension between the policymakers’ fears of digital giants intruding into our lives, upending our economies and governments, and the reality that digital pro…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in ParisExpats in Paris 3 weeks ago

    In a special one day course in Paris on 8 December, Eileen Cho and I will be pairing up to teach pastry and photography! Tis’ the season in this holiday-themed class! We’ll be spending the day baking, shooting, and of course, enjoying fabulous food made by Veronique Dagneau Bawol…>

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    Billed as “a gathering of open-minded people who want to change the world,” Webit is part industry show, part tech event and part European Union policy summit. It’s probably the largest EU-blessed tech event (Mariya Gabriel, EU commissioner for the Digital Economy and S…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in BerlinExpats in Berlin 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    This will be year seven for hub.berlin (all lower case), a trends event in Berlin, where – with the exception of Zalando/Rocket Internet – not that many trends start. That would be Stockholm, London, Tallinn and Amsterdam. But it’s an exciting city full of smart…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic SONOS in the forum Jobs 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Sonos easily ranks as one of the more interesting companies, and one that seems to be adapting to competition from Apple and Amazon by outmaneuvering the larger companies through new partnerships that advance its products. Sonos started out making speakers. Then it started making…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic Zuora in the forum Jobs 1 month ago

    Zuora Is sort of like Adyen … it scratches a fintech itch a lot of companies have. In this case, Zuora has the cloud-based subscription revenue management software that clients such as entertainment giant HBO and media companies such as Financial Times need. The company – based in SanFran – has 800 emplo…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic HUBSPOT in the forum Jobs 1 month ago

    Boston-based HubSpot has gotten a LOT of pub for its work culture, consistently ranked among the highest-rated tech employers.

    On the company’s landing page is a 128-slide LinkedIn deck covering in painful detail how HubSpot is revolutionizing the way people work … in a good way.

    So, what do they do to gen…>

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    Terry Boyd started the topic ADYEN in the forum Jobs 1 month ago

    We have to start by plugging the hometown team.

    Based in Amsterdam (an hour from our HQ in Eindhoven), Adyen is the most Silicon Valley-like company in the Netherlands, exceeding all expectations through hustle and vision. At the beginning of 2018, eBay announced it would dump iconic payment pioneer PayPal in favor…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in LisbonExpats in Lisbon 1 month ago

    Lisbon – LXM Sunday Special: Charlotte de Witte: Belgian DJ and producer Charlotte de Witte has been away from Lisbon for quite some time. To celebrate her return to the capital of Portugal 9 December, LX Music “has prepared a very special party” somewhere and sometime to be announced.

    Admission to this party is 15…>

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    Terry Boyd posted an update in the group Group logo of Expats in StockholmExpats in Stockholm 1 month ago

    Stockholm – Swedish House Mafia: We’re telling you about this six months out from the event, and you think we’re crazy, right? Not. Crazy. (Well, that crazy.) Before they broke up in 2013, Swedish House Mafia sold out concerts/festivals within minutes everywhere they played.

    So don’t even finish reading this …>

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