Eindhoven Business Briefing: The Love Boat edition as BizzKiss matches entrepreneurs

NXP components in new COVID-19 testing device

Eindhoven is to the semiconductor world what Detroit used to be to cars … the city that’s the foundation of the industry. So it’s no surprise that chips and other components from Eindhoven are finding their way into new pandemic testing innovations.

A team of scientists and researchers in Germany have developed a home Covid-19 testing device that uses NXP technology to deliver affordable and reliable results ­­at home in less than 15 minutes.

Midge Medical has developed a small and self-contained kit that enables genetic testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, according to a news release. A small sample from your nose or throat is loaded onto the base station, where you also place your smartphone, while the secure Midge smartphone app and the hardware process the results. Within 15 minutes, the test is complete.

Brainport goes after talent the U.S. is turning away

Look for a lot more highly skilled internationals turning their backs on the United States and coming to Eindhoven.

As we posted last month, “It’s come to this: A Dutch tech center is selling the American Dream or at least a very tempting version of it. Brainport Eindhoven, the economic development agency for the Brabant region – headquarters for a dozen of the world’s top deep-tech companies – is touting Eindhoven via social-media campaigns in the United States as the place where highly skilled internationals are welcome after American officials pulled up the welcome mat.”

We know from our analytics that one Dispatches reader in the U.S. opened our email with that post 32 times … seriously.

In essence, Brainport’s message is:

Stop waiting for the American dream, which is on hold for the rest of the world. Instead, there’s a bright future for the brightest talents in Brainport, where qualified applicants can get new work visas at the speed of light.

JW Player has two openings

Jeroen Wijering’s pioneering digital video delivery company JW Player has two openings in Eindhoven.

In just a few years, the scale-up has gone from a student project to a business with more than 200 employees, a headquarters in New York City, a sales office in London and R&D here in Eindhoven.

This largely under-the-radar company is, in fact, the largest independent video delivery platform, with 2 billion unique users. Media companies including Fox, VICE, Business Insider, and Univision, in addition to hundreds of thousands of creators of all types and sizes, use JW Player to deliver and monetize content across devices.

Here are the current career opportunities straight from our friend Anna:


Qualifications include:

  • expertise in front-end web development with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS
  • experience developing and deploying web applications
  • attention to detail implementing designs and testing across browsers
  • knowledge of best practices, frameworks and functional programming.
  • B.S. degree or higher (or equivalent experience) in related technical field
  • at least 2 years of full-time experience

As a Frontend Engineer, you will:

  • work on innovative new products that help our customers grow their audience
  • write clean and reusable code using the latest web technologies
  • participate in code reviews on Github and with your peers
  • develop expertise in JavaScript, CSS and multi-browser development
  • take ownership of feature development and release

You can see more details and apply here.


As a Software Engineer, you will:

  • contribute to the architecture of a production-scale service layer
  • build features which serve customer-driven product goals
  • code as part of a highly technical team in a fast paced, agile environment
  • prototype new ideas and explore new solutions to the growing list of problems the platform solves

You have:

  • 3-plus years of software development and engineering
  • a degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or related field; or experience equivalent
  • a proven track record of ownership of maintainable, stable and scalable software
  • experience with microservices architecture: designing, creating, deploying, testing and monitoring
  • experience doing test-driven development (TDD) and/or behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • strong database design and RDBMS concepts, experience doing domain-driven design
  • strong understanding of source control management systems
  • strong Unix/Linux skills

You can see more details and apply here.

Female Tech Heroes cancels one event, but adds two

• Female Tech Heroes was scheduled to have a huge June event at High Tech Campus after a stellar 2019 inaugural event. Of course, all in-person events were cancelled because of the pandemic.

So the next Female Tech Heroes conference is now scheduled for 25 May and 26 May at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

That said, there are two smaller Female Tech Heroes events planned for this fall – a dinner in September and mentor sessions in December. So watch the website for more details, which haven’t been posted yet.

Female Tech Heroes was created by HTC’s Ingelou Stol and Hilde de Vocht, who pulled it all together in record time back in 2019. And before you take the name literally, there are lots of male members, so feel free to join, guys.

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