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• Terry Boyd is co-CEO and director of content. He has experience as an international military reporter covering peacekeeping missions and civil wars in Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo, as well as wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He also worked for American City Business Journals as a business reporter covering banking and other sectors. In 2010, Terry founded Insider Louisville with funding from a small investor group. In 2013, the group sold IL to Tom Cottingham, former CEO and co-founder of TechRepublic (now CNET.)

• Cheryl Boyd is co-CEO and director of sales and events. She has 20 years experience in corporate sales. In 2012, Cheryl became the director of sales for Insider Louisville, increasing sales in two years from a few hundred dollars in revenue per quarter to more than $400,000.

The Boyds spent years as expats in Germany and Turkey. Terry has worked in, or traveled to, at least 40 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Cheryl Boyd has traveled to, or worked in, more than a dozen countries in Europe and the Middle East.


Dispatches is the first integrated news and entertainment platform – Web, mobile, video and social media – dedicated to connecting English-speaking talented people including students, highly skilled workers from all over the world, corporate expats and startup techpats. Dispatches will inform, entertain and connect thousands of people every day in major innovation centers across Europe.

This demographic includes Marc Andreessen’s “nerd nation”; the 40 million tech-focused entrepreneurs worldwide who have more in common with other “nerds” than with people in their native countries.


In 2010, we created Insider Louisville with $20,000 in seed capital. We sold IL in November 2013 to a group of investors. In a small media market IL reached 4.8 million page views by 2014, with more than 21,000 monthly readers.

With Insider Louisville, we proved the viability of small-market digital media. With Dispatches, we want to change the way the world views expats.

Counting executives and techies, our potential audience is in excess of 2 million English speaking expats living in 10 or so innovation centers including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Eindhoven, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna.

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