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The weekend starts now! Vienna Events 15 September through 18 September 2016

It’s a tough dilemma again in Vienna.

A Middle Ages Festival? A Street Life Festival? A food festival with award-winning chefs? Then, throw in Vienna’s Fashion Week. Finally, to cool off, there’s wave surfing in the middle of the city. So, we’re torn with too little time and too many amazing things to do this weekend in Vienna ….

Let’s make some memories!

P.S. Our tip – make sure you go to Waste Festival, as strange as this suggestion may sound to you right now ….

• MITTELALTERFEST (The Middle Ages Festival)

13925041_10153619996796805_5298692290805386691_nWhen: Friday, 16 September

Where: Schloss (Palace) Neugebäude, Vienna

Free entry

If you are interested in an authentic Middle Ages experience and all its commerce, culture and arts, the Mittelalterfest a big Middle Ages market, jesters, troubadours and roaming musicians along with stage productions, all at at one of Vienna’s palaces.

Opening hours of the palace this weekend:

Friday, 16.9.: 14-21 Uhr
Saturday, 17.9.: 10-21 Uhr
Sunday, 18.9.: 10-19 Uhr
Guided tours of the palace on:
Saturday, 17.9. at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00
Sunday, 18.9. at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00.
More information available here.

• GOURMET FAIR 2016 (Genuss-Messe 2016)

13403905_1191553210895495_5436800714601695599_oWhen: Saturday, 17 Sept. at 11:00 to Sunday, 18 Sept. at 19:00

Where: Kursalon Vienna

Tickets starting at 39 euros and available here.

There are numerous events as part of Vienna’s Mobility Week this week. But the focus of this one is a little bit different. You get to eat too! And how well you get to eat! Gault&Millau bring you Vienna’s award-winning chefs.

Among them are:
Norbert Niederkofler (South Tirol), Rudolf Obauer (Salzburg), Heinz Reitbauer (Vienna), Simon Taxacher (Tirol) and others. You can also sample high-quality drinks from wine, beer, brandy, as well as fruit products.

But wait, that is not all!

You can also sharpen your cooking skills with the Show Kitchen where chefs with the highest awards show you in 30 minutes how to prepare typical dishes from their region.

You get two coins with your ticket which you can use in exchange for food. After that, you can buy coins from 5 euros each.

More information, click here.


• Ö. MEISTERSCHAFTEN 2016 im Riversurfen / Stationary Waveriding Championship at the 3CityWave

When: Friday, 16 September and Saturday, 17 September, 10:00-23:00

Where: 3 City Wave, Schwarzenberger Platz, Vienna

Click here for more information.

If you have not visited the amazing stationary wave riding facility in the heart of Vienna, now is the time to go. All summer long, expert and novice surfers tried their skills. This weekend, it’s time for the championship!


When: Saturday, 17 September, 10:00-22:00; Sunday, 18 September, 10:00-17:00

Where: Babenbergerstrasse, 1010 Vienna

Babenbergerstrasse becomes Vienna’s biggest living room this weekend, with dancing, hanging out, chatting and just relaxing. There are 60 different items on the program for the weekend including theater, acting workshops, music, acrobatics, urban workshops and health and wellness. How can we even list them all? Please check out the details here to see that there is something there for the young and old.

This is one of the events which are part of Vienna’s Mobility Week. It’s not all only about moving, on foot, bike, using public transport. It’s about a lot of fun. Music included of course.


When: Saturday, 17 September, 10:00 – 22:00 and Sunday 18 September, 10:00 – 17:00

Where: Babenbergerstraße, next to the Art History Museum, 1010 Vienna

For more information, click here.

Does doing pushups, pull-ups, dips and all sort of other body toning exercise sound like the thing to do for you? Then don’t miss the International Street Workout this weekend. The competition is based on age and gender, with events for kids as young as six years old. And everyone is invited to join under the motto “Together We’re Strong.”


po9mu6bta8When: Sunday, 18 September, 12:00-22:00

Where: Donaustadtbrücke, Grillplatz 8, Vienna

Vienna Expats would like to invite you to join our last Donauinsl grill party for 2016!

You should bring something to grill and something to drink – good company and firewood will be provided. There will be a selection of condiments and other grill paraphernalia.
Bring baseball gloves and frisbees, bocce and footballs – anything that you enjoy.

Come to Donauinsel Grillplatz 8, near U2 stop Donaustadtbrücke. Walk right from the U-bahn exit Neue Donau and stay on the U Bahn side of the river and just walk all the way down to nummer 8.

This is a family event so you can bring your kids of any age! It is quite close to the water.

You can also do some swimming in the Donau itself if the weather is nice – bring a towel.

DISCLAIMER: If the weather is bad on that date, we might have to cancel the event. If this is the case, it will be cancelled at least one day in advance, so please check here beforehand.
This is a public event in a public park, attendance and activities are at your own risk.


• MOBILIÄTSWOCHE 2016 (Mobility Week 2016)

When: every day through the end of this week

Where: various locations in Vienna

Inspired by the challenges and opportunities connected to mobility, Vienna puts together a festival with some 60 events. Did you know that 70 percent of Viennese use public transport? The city is also great for walkers, bikers, and people moving in every possible way.

From Nordic Walking Meet up to Josefstädter Street Festival to city exploring tours on the bike, that is just some of many opportunities to get active in fun, fun, fun.

Check out details on events and locations here.

• MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2016

When: Every day through Sunday, 18 September. For show schedule, see the link below

Where: Museumplatz 1, Vienna

Tickets: Presale and online 19 euros; at the box office, 24 euros

Get your tickets here.

The fashion show started on Monday but keeps getting stronger as the week progresses. The first reviews are excellent. Fashion shows, exhibition and pop-up stores – you have it all at Vienna Fashion Week 2016. For program and designers exhibiting, click here.

• MISTFEST 2016 (Waste Festival2016)

plakat-mistfest2016When: Saturday, 17 September and Sunday,  18 from 09:00-18:00

Where: Garage Hernhals, Vienna

You may find this an unusual event suggestion, but judging by the number of participants from the year before (some 30,000 people) it is the place to be. This is the 25th Waste Festival (Mistfestin German). You can learn about waste separation, reduction and management, as well as about environmental topics.

There is a quiz on waste, with small awards. And you know how the saying goes: “One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.” This year, special focus is on the Tandler Outlet of the MA 48, the city administration in charge of managing waste. You can buy toys, clothes, inspected electrical appliances, home goods and accessories at very low prices. All this stuff was turned in previously by the Viennese as functioning goods that were just not wanted anymore. Check out what is available here.

And what festival can go without music? Check – Mistfest has it. That and a 60 meter long and 17 meter high flying fox to slide down at the festival. Check it out and you too will suddenly be convinced this unexpected recommendation is a must-not-miss event this weekend!

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