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    Bunker Fruedenberg, Germany – Her Damit: Take an old army bunker 50 kilometers outside Berlin in the middle of a forest, insert Berlin’s Techno/House scene and rave aesthetic, and you have the definitive German experience. Her Damit takes place way early this year – from 17 to 19 May. The lineup is TBA, but DJ Boring, Candy Pollard, Bleak and Karl Ferdinand have been past acts.

    This is Berlin, and unlike Croatia and Ibiza, don’t expect slick. Her Damit is famous for being kind of ad hoc. That said, there’s camping nearby and glamping.

    Tickets start at about 77 euros plus a 5-euro trash deposit. You can get them here.

    The Her Damit website appears to be minimalist, but if you check out the various links, it has a ton of good information.

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