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    BEYOND TECH, 11 APRIL in Eindhoven
    (Full disclosure: Dispatches Europe is a HighTechXL partner.)

    Beyond Tech is shaping up to be THE premier high-tech conference in the Netherlands as HighTechXL opens registration to regional, national and global startups, investors, corporate partners and community leaders in love with high tech.

    11 April will be a full day of expert sessions and startup events including:

    • Startups matching up with investors and corporate partners for 15 minutes of face-time. The event management platform uses an algorithm to rank matches among the databases, then adds them to your conference agenda.

    • 25 Expert Sessions (workshops) featuring high-profile presenters with topics like innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Hear the story of Dutch startup Psylaris and their time at Y-Combinator in The Valley. Or how imec leverages technology to strengthen the socio-economic backbone of a city. And, like, 22 others.

    • a pitch competition where 10 high-potential startups will compete for prizes from Impact Track Ambassadors ASML, Philips, NTS Group, imec, TomTom, BOM, ABN AMRO, EY, DSM, Here, Accenture and IBM.

    Eindhoven isn’t just another tech hub, and this isn’t just another tech conference. First, Beyond Tech is free, which is affordable for all startups, and second, it’s all about HTXL pulling together the brave, the bold and the unconventional. The fun, excitement and networking opportunities are bonuses.

    You can sign up here as a startup, investor/corporate partner, attendee (if you don’t want to do matchmaking) and student ambassador. And you can see the full list of events here.

    The conference is scheduled for 9:30 to 16:00. Check the website for details about the location of individual events. And by the way, Eindhoven has a very efficient fly-in, fly-out airport near High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the venue, with discount flights from every major city in Europe. So even if you’re in, say, Copenhagen, this is doable. And you’ll want to see this ecosystem for yourself.

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