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    Eindhoven – Robot Love: Ah, only Eindhoven – one of Europe’s ultra-high-tech centers – would pine away for robots.

    “Robot Love” runs now through 2 December. The exhibition is a large-scale combination of art, education and events dedicated to examining the links between humans and our cyborg friends.

    From the exhibition website:

    ROBOT LOVE lets you experience the love of robots. ROBOT LOVE promises an up close & personal with robots experience for everyone with an interest in art, design and technology.

    “Up close and personal with robots …” not sure where this is all headed. But they’ll get there first in Eindhoven.

    For a preview of the future, events include:

    • Cyborg Catwalk with models

    • Higher Profession Sex Robots (apparently the Oldest Profession is about to become obsolete)

    • a Frankenstein Symposium

    Tickets are 14 euros and you can get them here.

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