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    Aquapalace: Another attraction that has Charlie raving (in a good way) is Aquapalace. He rates it as his favorite indoor water park. And he says this is another place that can eat an entire day. That’s because Aquapalace is one of the largest indoor water parks in Eastern Europe along with Aquaworld in Budapešt (also on Charlie’s bucket list). Charlie rates the water slides as world-class. But there’s so much more, with this on the German model of incorporating spas and fitness into the water park experience. And the weird thing … it’s not very well-known outside Prague!

    This is basically two acres of attractions including what Aquapalace touts as “the longest slide in the Czech Republic,” a wild-water river and a wave pool. There are 14 different choices of saunas including Finnish-style saunas, Roman baths and an outdoor pool. Finally, there are spas, health & wellness and fitness facilities.

    So, this is kind of an indoor/outdoor water park combined with a five-star hotel spa vibe at a year-round park. More about chilling than big thrills at the mega-outdoor parks in Spain and Croatia. Though there are a lot of nice touches including swim-up bars with DJs.

    Pricing is a la carte depending on how many days you want to spend there and how many activities you want to try. Prices start at the equivalent of about 20 euros. You can see the complete (and complicated) pricing list here.

    There’s also a special offers page on the Aquapalace website that includes hotel offers.

    Trip-Advisor rating: Four and a half stars out of five (456 reviews). There are a lot of rave reviews, especially from people with smaller kids … and it’s clear Aquapalace is virtually unknown outside Prague.

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