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    Details coming together for debut Tech Sister Cities program
    We’ve been working ’round-the-clock trying to finalize details for Dispatches’ subsidiary Tech Sister Cities’ first event, and we’re almost there.

    “Eyes Wide Open” will bring private equity investor Jonathan Blue from Blue Equity to Eindhoven on 12 September.

    Our first event will be an introduction to the American investment world by a private equity player who’s done deals all over the world. And while your startup might not be ready for private equity, which typically starts at a $20 million investment, it might turn into a serious business that needs serious funding sooner than you planned. So, this will be your chance to understand what getting a serious investment entails, and what the trends are in PE.

    Jonathan also will talk about other types of funding, including angel investors and venture capitalists, and he’s willing to look at your one-pagers/executive summaries. We created Tech Sister Cities to link Eindhoven, where risk capital is in short supply, to more risk-tolerant investors in the Midwest, where we have contacts.

    The main event is scheduled for the Conference Center at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. We’re waiting on the final details including sponsors before putting this out on Eventbrite.

    If you have any questions or want to be included in the communications funnel, email: [email protected].

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