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    You know the War for Talent is getting serious when cities are offering all-expense-paid trips to check out ecosystems. But that’s the deal with Tech Xperience Week here in Eindhoven.

    Brainport Eindhoven, our local economic-development agency, is recruiting “10 talented professionals who are willing to explore some of the most promising technologies we know today.”

    And we have to say Brainport is – in the Dutch style – upfront and candid about their motives:

    Why are we looking for you? If we want to stay ahead of the competition … if we want to be innovative in the next decade if we want to develop technologies that … impact … our lives to make it safer, healthier and more sustainable…we need you!

    Their ideal candidates for an 8-day visit: Young tech or IT professionals with at least a master’s degree, as well as five-to-10 years’ experience in their chosen fields. Brabant officials want to show these talents the technologies – integrated photonics, truck platooning, extreme ultraviolet lithography, city farming and robotic microsurgery – Eindhoven is working on now on the way to dominating in the future.

    Tech Xperience Week is scheduled for 21 through 28 October and you can sign up here.

    Oh, and while you’re on the website, they want you to check out the open jobs here … and there are a lot!

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