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    This is sort of the Her Damit of tech conferences/festivals … the beautiful people gathered at their own Haus of Tech and forest stage on the water in Berlin talking about tech before they head to Berghain. In other words, Europe’s coolest tech conference, and one that started in 2012 as a crowd-funded, interdisciplinary effort to link the tech world and the arts.

    This year, the theme is, “We make you future-proof,” and goodness knows, we’ve always wanted to be future proof.

    There are some speakers worth hearing including Transferwise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus and Bruce Linton of Canopy Growth, who’s apparently figured out a way to legally monetize cannabis (dude!)

    As far as we can tell, TOA is the only tech conference in July, and this is in Berlin, Europe’s coolest tech gathering. So what the heck? Tickets start at 229 euros, or 899 euros for “thought leaders,” who we imagined would get paid to attend, right? You can get your tickets here.

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