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      Terry Boyd

      Hey friends, I would be happy to hear your feedback/advice about our startup:
      Book a tour from a local and explore the real Berlin with its hidden places, views, local tastes, night life etc.
      Locals know better than anyone where to taste the most flavorful beer, the most delicious foods, where to party, what to see.
      #traveler #berlin #tours #guide
      P.S: You can also create a tour in your city and start making money by showing travelers around.

      EXPLORE DESTINATIONS WITH LOCALSBook a tour from a local and explore the real Berlin with its hidden places, views,…

      Posted by Local Guddy on Saturday, September 17, 2016

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      Beth Hoke

      I love GoEuro! Another good app for traveling using public transportation is Rome2Rio” target=”_blank”>Rome2Rio. Google Maps has a good public transportation feature as well.

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      Terry Boyd

      Onera is hiring!
      Several engineering positions open: biomedical engineering, electronics, and embedded software. Check them out at our website!

      Onera is a spin-off company of IMEC, the world leading research center in nanoelectronics and digital technology ( Onera’s ambition is to bring innovative medical devices to the market that will help improve the health and quality of life of patients around the world. Onera is currently developing its first product for the sleep market.

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      Terry Boyd

      Startup Funding Event Global, 12 April, Rotterdam
      Startup Funding Event Global brings inspiring startups and world-class founders on 1 stage to compete for an Innovation Funding Award with 42,000€ worth of marketing materials.

      We got this from Lova Kremer, part of the team putting this together:

      This year we’re launching Startup Funding Event in Rotterdam, there will be 42000€ worth of prizes given away to the winner, and NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

      The 42k worth of prizes includes a lot of mentoring, marcom and consulting. BUT, you get a shot at entering the World Startup Factory in Den Haag.

      We’ll have more on this as we follow up.

      You can register here.

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      Terry Boyd

      RE•WORK, 15 & 16 MARCH, LONDON
      This London gathering is a multiple-channel event put on by a group of women who organize events around the world bringing together technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators. More of a techie, academic and policy wonk event than a glamour event, with substantial discussions of the most disruptive innovations.

      Above all, Re•work events (including the dinners) are great for networking whether you’re in San Francisco, Boston or Hong Kong.

      For this March event, there are three channels: Deep Learning in Retail & Advertising; Deep Learning in Finance and AI Assistant.

      There are 60 speakers scheduled from Google, Airbus, Deutsche Telekom, Bloomsbury AI and Atomico and others.

      Passes start at 65 pounds, and you can get them here.

      You can see all Re•Work events here.

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      Terry Boyd

      Formula E: The future of motorsport is electric; what better way to bear witness than experiencing the future with Formula E.

      The series features 10 teams of two drivers each competing around the world in all-electric race cars, including four events in Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Zurich between mid-April and early June during the 2017-18 season. Each race runs for 50 minutes with a mandatory pit stop to change cars, as the batteries for each car only lasts so long; this issue will cease to be one in the 2018-19 season, when the second-generation Formula E car takes to the grid. Plus, fans can vote social media to give their favorite drivers an extra boost of electric power, the top three winning drivers receiving an additional 100 kilojoule of energy within a given window during competition.

      Tickets to each event can be had through the links above. Some events are sold-out already, however.

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      Terry Boyd

      Executives at one of the companies we’ve written about lately pinged us saying they’re looking for a number of skills around the world. Swiss-based Luxoft is working with auto companies to reinvent the car and needs talent at its operations across Europe from London to Bucharest.

      Right now, Luxoft is building their Berlin operations.

      From our contact:

      In Berlin specifically, our new research and development centre is still looking for people to drive this change. C++ Developers, System Architects, Project Managers and UI/UX Designers, can join the Berlin office now. It’s a real opportunity to work with innovative projects in the automotive industry, specifically combining the latest technologies and Agile methodology.
      Here at Luxoft, we’re building a software houses to transform European centres like Berlin into
      automotive software hubs. We want to create innovative spaces that embraces the latest trends in
      technology and apply it to carmakers and tier one suppliers.

      Luxoft is one of the larger independent IT service providers. In the automotive sector, they provide software-based solutions to leading OEMs and suppliers including UX design, human-machine interface (HMI), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, connectivity.

      You can apply here for those Berlin positions.

      Current listings at Luxoft Europe include:

      • Multiple Java developer in Bucharest Romania.

      • Multiple openings for developers in Eindhoven and Amsterdam

      • Senior engineers and developers in Sofia

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      Terry Boyd

      Yes, Twitch is just a division of Seattle-based Amazon. But working at Twitch is the dream of hardcore game developers everywhere. Now, that dream is increasingly within reach as the live video broadcasting platform/gamer community expands in Europe.

      Digiday UK is reporting the company is searching for:

      • commercial executives to join the team in London including a director for a team that will broker deals with high-profile creators and creator networks across EMEA.

      • a sales team for its Hamburg, Germany office on the way to adding operations in Helsinki later in the year.

      Forget old-line scheduled programming. Streaming gaming already is a huge audience. Average Twitch viewership in January was more than 900,000 per day putting it on a par with the likes of MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and ESPN, according to Business Insider.

      Right now, Twitch is all gaming, all the time. But Digiday says it will move into fitness, creative, music and others entertainment verticals.

      Though the majority of Twitch jobs are still in Seattle and San Franciso, career opportunities in Europe include an account manager position in Hamburg (German speaking) and a data analyst in Luxembourg.

      You can apply here.

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      Terry Boyd

      One of the bigger scoops of the past few days is news that Tesla is opening a hub in Athens, Greece. Tesla Greece officially registered this week, with Elon Musk’s company expected to recruit up to 50 R&D staff.

      At this point, it’s not clear exactly what Tesla plans in Greece. But the Electrex industry website quotes Tesla officials saying it will be recruiting engineers to develop new electric motor technologies.

      “Tesla is building a small research and development office in Athens, which will be comprised of a highly-qualified engineering team. This team will focus solely on limited research and development activities to accelerate electric motor technology development through close collaboration with our team in the US.”

      Right now across Europe, Tesla has about 1,000 open positions. That’s right – one thousand!

      You can see them all here.

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      Terry Boyd

      Zrce, Croatia – Spring Break Europe: As you can tell, the Croatian coast is the place to be when the weather starts to get warm. There are so many parties, it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

      Spring Break Europe combines two competing parties – Spring Break Europe and Zrce Spring Break – into what’s touted as a non-stop mega-party. And indeed, there are daytime pool-and-beach parties and nighttime club parties … 72 hours straight of stuff going on.

      About 10,000 people are expected for the event, scheduled for 31 May thru 3 June, and it will be interesting to see where they put them all.

      Tickets start at 99 euros and you can get them via the SBE Facebook page here. Also, there isn’t much posted yet about the music acts, but they promise the FB page will be updated regularly … and we ARE still four months out.

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      Terry Boyd

      Madrid – Mad Cool Festival 2018: Of all the festivals on this list, there’s only one with this many major acts – new and retro – squeezed into three days, 12 thru 14 July: Mad Cool Festival.

      Let’s just get right to the Big Names:

      Pearl Jam; Sofi Tukker; Dua Lipa; Wolf Alice; Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys; Jack White; Depeche Mode; Queens of the Stone Age; Nine Inch Nails.

      Yeah, it would have been nice to have Chain Smokers, Camilla Cabello and Kendrick Lamar, but Mad Cool Festival looks pretty, well, mad cool.

      Predictably, this is almost sold out, with just day entry tickets and VIP. You can get them here.

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      Terry Boyd

      Just a quick note to let you know that we’re organizing (likely the biggest, hopefully the coolest 😉 product conference in CEE, held in 7-9 June 2018 in Gdynia, Poland. 3 days (workshops day + conference day + barcamp day) packed with over 70 practical sessions on topics as varied as: voice, product strategy, leadership, IoT, dev process, AI, research, VR, bots, SaaS, mobile.

      We’re expecting over 700 participants: product & interaction designers, researchers, product owners, product analysts & UX leaders.

      Confirmed speakers include: Peter Morville (founding father of information architecture), Josh Clark (famous mobile UX designer), Steve Portigal (guru of user research) + other amazing presenters from Dropbox, Minecraft, Frog, Ustwo, Lloyds banking.

      Website >

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      Terry Boyd

      • Additive Industries, which makes modular 3D printing system and integrated information platforms for several industries including aerospace, automotive and medtech, has at least 22 jobs posted on its website including sales director for Europe.

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      Terry Boyd

      The Hague – Rewire: Need more adventure in your Spotify playlist? Look no further than Rewire, held in the heart of The Hague, Netherlands from 6 to 8 April.

      The annual music festival for adventurous music “offers a world class programme featuring more than 100 concerts, multidisciplinary performances, screenings, talks and workshops.” The lineup on the programme thus far lives up to Rewire’s mission, including: FAKA; Laurie Anderson (who is the festival’s inaugural Artist in Focus); Nina Kraviz; Volvox; and Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, who will perform music from the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things.

      A festival pass into Rewire can be had for €70 through 1 March, €75 thereafter. Single-day passes are €33.50, and club tickets are €20

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      Terry Boyd

      This is one of Europe’s mega conferences, drawing 15,000 people for 2017. A big deal even in Amsterdam … this year, even more so.

      For 2018, a jury selected by Chivas Venture – funded by the Scotch brand (part of the giant Paris-based Pernod Richard) – will award a total of $800,000 to social startup. Another $200,000 will go to runners-up. You can see the details of the Chivas requirements here for next year. And social startups, of course, are the startups that solve problems such as access to clean water or micro-loans through private, self-funding initiatives. (TOMS Shoes would be a good example.)

      Okay, about the rest of TNW – what’s left to say? A giant conference addressing the topics of the moment. No surprise, this year, AI, Machine Learning, and blockchain are among the 18 tracks.

      You can see them all here.

      The speakers are typically Tier 2, so you won’t see The Big Names.

      This year is no exception, but still a solid lineup.

      • Cassie Kozyrkov, Google’s chief data scientist

      • Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo

      • Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive

      • Mike Curtis, Airbnb’s VP of engineering

      • A bunch of people from Reddit

      Notably missing this year are Dutch entrepreneurs just as and Adyen are breaking out globally. Guess they’re busy.

      Tickets start at 199 euros, and you can get them here.

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