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    Takumi Motokawa shared a link.
    July 19 at 11:31pm
    Hello Berliner musicians! I’ve just created a new meetup group called “Berlin Cosmopolitan Orchestra” and am looking for some contributors.

    Berlin Cosmopolitan Orchestra

    Berlin, DE
    10 Members

    Do you play a concert instrument?You’ve played in an orchestra but currently not playing and wanting to get back into orchestra playing again?Or a professional performers ki…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Basically the idea is to form a community orchestra that’s linked to the social media platforms and using as much of the openly available sources (e.g. IMSLP, call for scores) as possible to make this happen.
    We will organise initial planning meet up brainstorming sessions and so if you are interested, please sign up to the group!
    We’re looking for people who can play the concert instruments and also some conductors who can share the role with me, and some people who would like to give us some help in general (organising rehearsal and concert places, instrument sourcing etc).
    There is also a Facebook group for this as well so please join if you are interested!

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