Mark Robinson Training: Tedx pro teaches you the secrets of audience engagement


On a recent visit to Eindhoven, I had a chance to sit down with Eglė Naraškevičiūtė, a local relationship psychologist who focuses on communication training, family therapy, and couples counseling. Eglė had recently attended a training session on presentation skills by Mark Robinson Training and shared her thoughts about the session.

She was particularly intrigued by Mark’s style and how it is clearly influenced by social psychology.

Theory meets practice when Mark gives a presentation. Several examples of this can be seen in his TEDxEindhoven talk, “How to Present to Keep Your Audience’s Attention.”

He tells stories and uses humor to evoke emotional responses from the audience, asks questions and elicits responses to keep the audience engaged, and makes sure his listeners understand how they will benefit from hearing what he has to say.

Mark uses these same techniques in his training courses and Eglė liked the synergy he created by demonstrating these techniques in the context of speaking about them.

A competitive edge in communication

Eglė heard about Mark’s course via word of mouth and was excited to see how she might be able to apply his techniques in her practice.

Attendees are asked to prepare a five-minute presentation on a topic of their choosing, and Eglė recommends that future attendees take advantage of the opportunity to talk about something meaningful to them since each person presents at least four times throughout the day-long training.

Positive suggestions from Mark and fellow attendees help presenters improve their skills with each iteration. Eglė appreciated the encouraging atmosphere and felt that limiting the feedback to positive comments helped raise the confidence level of the participants.

Mark’s workshops are for anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge in their profession. The practical suggestions will help everyone from entrepreneurs to seasoned business veterans tell their stories in a meaningful way.

Mark offers relevant tips and examples for preparing for and structuring your presentation and ending it in a way that invites further interaction between you and your clients. These are the skills that Eglė hopes to incorporate into her interactions with the individuals, couples, and families that frequent her practice.

She also hopes to pass along these skills to her clients as they apply not only to giving presentations in front of groups, but in interacting with other people on a one-to-one basis.

Next session 23 March

If you want to learn how to be a confident presenter, Mark will be holding another small-group session on Friday, 23 March, at The Post in Veldhoven.

Registration is limited to 12 participants.

Eglė will be hosting a couple’s evening using Mark’s presentation techniques at The Hub in Eindhoven on 23 May.

For more information, you can reach her at e.naraskeviciute@gmail.com.

About Mark Robinson:

Mark Robinson is a British expat living in Eindhoven. Mark has been giving presentations for more than 20 years as part of his work as a software consultant.

In 2016 he shared some of his best presentation skills tips to a packed auditorium at ASML. A few months later, and after a successful pitch, he fulfilled an ambition to speak at a TEDx event on the topic, “How to present to keep your audience’s attention”.

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