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Made in Italy: Condominio Monti opens in Rome; EDIT Napoli debuts next-gen design

(Editor’s note: We get more news releases and email than we can deal with at this point. Which is a good thing (keep them coming!) So, along with our primary source reporting, we’re adding a round-up of submitted content because Dispatches Europe is dedicated to the expat lifestyle. Also, the photos from Condominio Monti are super, and who doesn’t want to experience glamorous, untouristy Italy?)

Rome’s newest boutique hotel, Condominio Monti, has opened only a few steps from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Located in the Monti district, the hotel “preserves the convivial atmosphere of the historic neighborhood, famous for its picturesque alleys ….” according to a news release.

During the day, the Monti district’s shops and galleries draw big crowds, and at night, it’s the café and wineries. So this sounds like our kind of neighborhood.

Condominio Monti is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs Kaja Osinski and Filippo Ribacchi. Its 900 meters square (more than 10,000 square feet) occupy two neighboring buildings.


Osinski’s and Ribacchi’s goal is to “rewrite the concept of hospitality” in a departure from predictable chain hotels, according to the release.

From the release:


• The 33 rooms are designed for “selective travelers and design lovers and the reception has a tailored edge … a concierge service based on the guests’ needs.” Condominio Monti offers suggestions for experiencing the Eternal City in contemporary and unconventional ways, with ad hoc illustrated itineraries at guests’ disposal in every room.

• The architectural and interior design, which preserves the structure of the traditional Roman house, with its bijou but functional rooms distributed along a corridor, bears the signature of Rome-based STUDIOTAMAT architecture and design.

• The shades, finishes, fabrics, patterns and decorative objects are selected by Sabina Guidotti, founder of BludiPrussia.

• Balanced lighting and custom-designed furnishings – from bedside tables to headboards –  blend with a palette of bold colors, sophisticated wallpapers and decorative patterns that allude to the concept of exotic, intended as a journey to discover “otherness,” according to the release.

• The building located at number 109 of via dei Serpenti houses reception, rooms of different sizes and the panoramic terrace with a continuous mosaic of soft colors, which also covers the long perimeter seat, surmounted by a green pergola. This is an oasis in the center of Rome where hotel guests can enjoy breakfast or an aperitif at sunset, with a view of the Colosseum and the apse of the Church of Sant’Agata dei Goti.

• Next door at number 111, cobblestones lead into the building. Inside, a series of independent studio flats, each equipped with kitchen and living room, are characterized by ceilings with colored wooden beams, in harmony with fabrics and furnishings.

• On the top floor, is a 45 m2 (500-square-foot) suite with its private terrace, Roman peperino floor, wooden pergola and refined furnishings.

• On the ground floor hosts the bar-bistro Magasin and the restaurant Osteria Oliva, led by the Michelin-starred chef Fabio Baldassare.

The interior design – the shared spaces and rooms with their own personalities – are meant to evoke the feeling of one big house.

You can see more here.

Obviously, we checked and Condominio Monti gets great reviews on and TripAdvisor.

Rack rates start at about 90 euros per night for the single rooms, and it looks like this property is – no surprise – very popular. So book in advance ….


(Editor’s note: Interestingly, this connects back to Dispatches because a fair number of the designers and craftspeople featured at EDIT Napoli are from our headquarters region of Brabant in the Netherlands.

The founder and director of EDIT Napoli design fair is unveiling her home in Rome for the first time in the run-up to her new design event.

That doesn’t mean you can go traipsing through it. It’s “open” in that Emilia Petruccelli has released photos of her home featuring furnishings from craftspeople who’ll be featured at EDIT Napoli this year.

Petruccelli’s design fair debuts this year, running from 6 June thru 9 June. EDIT Napoli focuses on the rise of a new generation of designers/makers.

Petruccelli’s home is in Rome’s “secret” Quartiere Coppedé, a hidden neighborhood conceived in the 1920s by architect Gino Coppedé. The eclectic Quartiere Coppedé features various historical styles such as Art Nouveau, Medieval, Baroque and Ancient Greek.

The house is a mix of bespoke design pieces created and assembled in collaboration with international designers, according to a news release. The front door opens onto the main living room. A custom-made balustrade designed by Dutch Designer Maarten Baas leads downstairs to the dining room and the garden, the center-stage of family life.

The space showcases work by designers such as Dirk van der Kooij, Reinaldo Sanguino, Andrea Anastasio and Coralla Maiuri, all of whom will be part of EDIT Napoli.

Other pieces in Emilia’s home include Hagit Pincovici’s coffee table, the sculptural cube of light by Mieke Meijer, Ana Kraš’ chair and contemporary Italian artworks.

All the contemporary designers’ pieces have been paired with surprising artworks and references to Naples, Petruccelli’s native city.

Her home represents an internal journey, from the neon light dedicated to Maradona –  an unconventional birthday gift for her husband – to the graniglia marble chips that define the flooring and evoke southern Italian country houses.

EDIT Napoli will take place from 6 June to 9 June at the Complesso di San Domenico Maggiore, in the heart of Naples’ historical city center. The event will include the works of more than 50 designers, producers and artisans.

EDIT Napoli is still open to designers, studios, makers, artisans and manufacturers who put “quality before quantity.”

You can apply here.

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