Hugsy: ‘Kangaroo Care’ product for babies doesn’t replace mum and dad but extends their reach


Amongst the sea of products aimed at new parents, it is incredibly rare to come across something that I can wholeheartedly say, “I wish that had been available when my little ones were born.”

Calling all new and expecting parents: this one is definitely worth your attention!

Research shows over and over again that babies develop best when they are safe and sound in their parents’ arms. This “Kangaroo Care” enables parent and baby to co-regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate.

Hugsy improves parent-child bonding, and promotes better brain development, reduced stress, better quality sleep, and improved immunity.


So, allow me to introduce Hugsy: the smart blanket for your baby that supports Kangaroo Care, and extends the benefits of cuddle time to comfort your baby during those times when you can’t be together. With its soft organic fabric, Hugsy wraps your baby in your familiar scent, whilst soothing them with the sound of your heartbeat, enabling your baby to feel connected to you even when you are apart.

What’s great about Hugsy’s products is that they don’t aim to replace Mum and Dad so much as extend their reach. They have that double appeal whereby they actively promote both physical and emotional attachment with parents or caregivers (with all the benefits that brings) and also offer a potential solution to the problem of how to comfort baby when you can’t be physically present for a short amount of time.

Good for baby, and good for parents.

As a parent myself, I can certainly see how Hugsy could vastly improve the experience for babies and their families during those overwhelming early days.

The moment my son was born we became instantly “attached” in all senses of the word. Both bonding and breastfeeding went great thanks to lots of time spent skin-to-skin, and my son absolutely flourished. Our greatest challenge, however, came when we needed to “detach” for a little while so I could shower or pee or, dare I say it, sleep!

This is where Hugsy would have come in very handy indeed.

I’m sure most parents have been there: You’ve successfully helped baby to fall asleep whilst lying on your chest. They are warm, comfortable and relaxed. Now you just need to somehow transfer them to their bed and slip out to grab something to eat, or finally spend some time with the rest of the family.

“Easy!”… said no parent ever!

After several weeks’ practice, you’ve managed “the transfer” to the baby bed, but without the security of your arms, your warmth, scent and the soothing sound of your familiar heartbeat, baby just doesn’t tend to stay asleep for very long. This is where Hugsy comes into play to comfort your baby, and rescue your much-needed time out.

After keeping you and baby warm as your little one drifts off to sleep, the Hugsy Pouch converts to a swaddling blanket that safely wraps baby in your familiar scent and helps them to feel secure and comforted. The Hugsy Heartbeat continues to mimic the sound and vibrations of your individual heartbeat, a sound that reminds baby of the womb, and helps them to feel close to you, even when you’re in the next room.

And as your baby grows, Hugsy grows with him or her, with the addition of the Hugsy Cuddle. This makes Hugsy the perfect way to support your child through challenging transitions, such as adapting to sleeping further away from Mum and Dad.

Oh, if only it had been available a year ago when my husband and I were trying desperately to convince our toddler to sleep somewhere other than in our bed!

It’s easy to see the benefits that Hugsy can bring to healthy full-term babies and their parents in the home environment. But it is in a hospital setting with prematurely born babies where the benefits of the Kangaroo Care that Hugsy supports can really have their most profound impact.

Research demonstrates that, just like full-term babies, premature babies that spend more time close to their parents grow and develop better. They are healthier and happier babies who gain weight quicker and are often ready to go home sooner.

When used in a neonatal unit, Hugsy supports and extends all the advantages of Kangaroo Care, so that baby continues to feel the benefits of their parents’ embrace during the times when they are being cared for in their incubator.

Through its innovative and award winning design, Hugsy harnesses technology to support the benefits of touch. It promotes significant and long lasting impacts upon the development, health and wellbeing of all babies – full-term and premature alike.

So, if you are passionate about improving early infant care, you might be wondering how you can support Hugsy in their venture. Or perhaps you are a new or expecting parent wondering “where can I get one of those?”

Hugsy’s products are already in use in Dutch hospitals for clinical trials and have been tried with great success by parents at home. The Hugsy Hospital line will be available on the hospital market the second half of 2018.

And now Hugsy has recently embarked upon a Kickstarter campaign to help launch their Hugsy Home products and to extend their availability to more parents and their babies. Check out their campaign page here.

Those interested in backing Hugsy can get their hands on some of the first available Hugsy Heartbeats, Pouches and Cuddles for their (expected) little ones or as a gift.

But what’s more, backing Hugsy also helps this young company – created by an Eindhoven, Netherlands-based mother of four – to invest and expand, enabling them to reach those babies who could benefit most.

So, back Hugsy today to bring the benefits of Kangaroo Care to you and your little one. Or share and support Hugsy’s campaign, and to help them to take one step further towards their goal to bring the amazing effects of Kangaroo Care and parent-child bonding to babies and caregivers around the world.

About the author:

Originally from the U.K., Laura Kaye currently lives with her family in Berlin.

Having left the U.K. in 2009 to pursue a career in the humanitarian and development sector, she has since lived and worked in multiple countries across three continents.

Laura moved with her husband in 2014 and is currently taking a career break to raise their 3-year-old son.

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