Yoga in Gastein – Gastein, Austria, 11 thru 20 October

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    Terry Boyd

    Yoga in Gastein – Gastein, Austria

    Full disclosure … we’re not all that into health and wellbeing unless it involves bourbon and cigars late at night in a club in, say, Monaco. Which it doesn’t. So we’re not.

    But if we were, we want to do yoga in Bad Gastein near Salzburg the Alps. Yoga Days Gastein is the largest yoga event in Europe, and October is the chill post-peak party time before winter and the outdoor events kick in. This looks kinda cool because they’ll take newbies while offering a lot of activities in addition to yoga including hiking and all that stuff healthy people do.


    For an Austrian mountain retreat, this is fairly affordable, with four nights of yoga starting at 195 euros. You can book here.

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