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    Terry Boyd

    A lot – too many – of the “Women in Tech” conferences are basically 500 euro-per-ticket forums for HR people from big companies to brag about how diverse their cultures are. Which is fine, but just not a lot of use to women actually trying to survive in a male-dominated tech world.

    Not this one.

    Women in Tech Dublin is about industry pioneers sharing their experiences of “championing women, the importance of female role models and how to accelerate careers,” according to the website.

    Women in Tech Dublin has women in tech including:

    • Ann O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland

    • Julie Spillane, commercial director for Accenture’s global geographic services division and Founder of The Dock, Accenture’s global research and incubation hub.

    • Barbary McCarthy, director of engineering at HubSpot in Dublin

    • Sheree Atcheson, a global ambassador for Women Who Code and one of the UK’s Top Most Influential Women in Tech, according to Computer Weekly magazine.

    Tickets start at 250 euros and you can get them here.

    This group also puts on events in Amsterdam and San Francisco.

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