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    Terry Boyd

    This is a tough one … two events in Paris at almost the same time. The deeptech-focused Hello Tomorrow versus all things to all startups Viva Technology? Which might be a decision Dispatches has to make … we’ll see.

    Okay, we know all about Hello Tomorrow above. Let’s look at Viva Tech, which is one of the majors, with 100,000 attendees, thousands of VCs and the biggest names in tech as part speakers including Zuck, Satya Nadella from Microsoft and Ginni Rometty from IBM.

    The VT pitch is that you’ll meet the people who can fund your startup, or maybe the talent you lack. But the truth is, unless you have the next Apple or Salesforce, you might get lost in the crowd.

    That said, the opportunities are real, with:

    • Office Hours, which gives you face time with VCs

    • Scaleup Lounge, with one-on-one coaching

    • Mentor Lounge, with guidance from people who’ve been where you want to go.

    • Startup Battlefield Europe, a pitch competition with chance to win 25,000 europs and an all-expenses paid trip to Disrupt in San Francisco.

    This is definitely the Big Time for those who are ready and have the cash to pay for transportation well as a place to stay in Paris.

    You can get Early Bird tickets here.

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