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    Terry Boyd

    This is about as far from Croatia and Ibiza as you can get, literally and figuratively. It’s almost 2,000 kilometers north (yes, north) of Oslo in the very top of Norway. Which means Bukta Open Air Festival – operative words “open air” – could mean less than ideal weather, even in mid-July.

    Also, no EDM much less Skrillex.

    But on a fjord and surrounded by mountains, this festival from 19 to 21 July is one you’re not likely to forget. This is also the only festival in the world where you can buy Mack beer, made at the worlds’ most northerly brewery.

    This festival dates back to a small free festival in 2004, run by volunteers. Today, Bukta is a really big festival with a mix of Norwegian acts and big-names such as Television. Well, a big-name act if you were part of the New York City art scene circa. 1975. Also on the bill are Nordic acts such as Hellacopters, Glucifer, Bel Canto and that Norwegian favorite, Heave Blood and Die.

    Tickets start at 939 Norwegian Krone – or about 97 euros – and you can get them here.

    The Bukta website has a ton of crucial information including how to get to the festival. Did we mention it’s 2,000 kilomters NORTH of Oslo?

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