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    Terry Boyd

    And now for something completely different. Most parties/music festivals are themed, and typically EDM-oriented. Not Earth Garden.

    This is a multi-genre event 31 May thru 3 June in a park in the center of Malta that features “non-mainstream” music. So this is one is that appeals more to counterculture/alternative/Earth Mother type than hardcore partiers. But with more than 100 acts, there’s a little sumpin’-sumpin’ for everyone including:

    World Music, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Dub, Reggae, Psychedelic & Alternative Rock, Gypsy Punk, Psychedelic Trance & Dub, Techno, Acid, House, Ambient, Electro, Drum & Bass

    You can see the full lineups of acts here.

    Like MEO Sudoeste in Portugal, Earth Garden is about camping and connecting with other people, so there’s apparently minimal access to Wifi to make sure you don’t just sit and stare at your iPhone between sets.

    That’s the good news.

    The really good news is, Earth Garden is damn near free, with passes starting at 15 euros for a one-day pass, and 25 euros for the full four days.

    You can get your tickets here.

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