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    Terry Boyd


    To paraphrase Snoop Dogg, “What is dis animal?”

    Sónar+D is billed as an international conference for digital creativity and innovation. Is it a tech event? A creative-class gathering? A music conflab?


    The 2018 event is four days of everything … tech, live performances, DJs, food, design and dance. Sónar+D attracts the world’s techies, creative types, engineers, financiers and deal makers.

    From the website:

    Since 2013, this antidisciplinary meeting gathers in Barcelona leading artists, creative technologists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs, makers and hackers to participate in a carefully commissioned program with the aim at inspiration and networking.

    Or as one artist puts it, “The world comes to Barcelona to mix and learn and interact.” There are serious conferences and talks. Then, there are parties and non-stop music. It’s a tech conference without the greed, and with the best in creativity. A LOT of influential people from different industries show up each year. Snoop would get it ….

    All access tickets for all four days are 270 euros and you can get them here.

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