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    Terry Boyd

    This is not a rhetorical question. This is Bulgaria’s largest career fair for professionals with international experience. And the one with the best name.

    Career in Bulgaria, scheduled for 20 September, promises more than 100 companies as well as seminars and HR services – career consultations, CV-check, awards and more. The best part – everything is free.

    You may ask yourself, “Why would 100 companies turn out to hire internationals in Bulgaria, a country with relatively high unemployment?” The answer is, many skilled Bulgarians go to other EU countries for careers leaving a bit of a brain drain. Which is where you come in … about 1,500 people turn out for this annual job fair, according to the website.

    You can see the list of companies participating here. The list includes some big names including Coca-Cola, KMPG, Cargill, IBM and Xerox.

    Unlike most of these things, Career in Bulgaria has a super website with profiles of nine internationals from around the world who are doing business in Bulgaria now.

    You can register here.

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