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    Terry Boyd

    It’s like a race these days to figure out how many activities event organizers can add to music and skiing.

    At Les Arcs Film Festival, it’s the other way ’round. This is a juried movie-industry event with 120 films that’s added concerts, DJ sets, outdoor adventure and lots of other stuff. And of course, there’s skiing at Les Arcs, one of the largest resorts in the world.

    If you’re looking for a crazy party, you’re going to be disappointed at Les Arcs. But if you’re industry play-uh, a Francophile/French speaker and you love the movies industry, this is for you. That said, this is truly an international event, with Ruben Östlund from Sweden as the president of the jury, and Poland’s film industry will be in the spotlight.

    There’s an industry village for those trying to get financing and distribution for their films. There’s the Work in Progress event for films that have been shot but looking for sales agents and distribution channels and lots of other ways to meet other movie industry insiders.

    And when you’ve done your deals and networked till you can’t talk anymore, it’s time to ski and party.

    Tickets for individual events start at about 7 euros. You can get pre-sale information here.

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