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    Terry Boyd

    Ahhh, June in Paris, when hearts turn to love, romance and B2B software as a service in the City of Lights.

    Come on … who doesn’t love Saas, right? And we’ve decided to pretty much just list every event in Paris because we like going there.

    This is the second year for SaasStr, which started in San Francisco, where they put on one of the largest B2B software conferences. The concept is, Saastr wants to take enterprises from $0 to $100 million as quickly as possible, and this event is designed to bring together founders, C-suite types and VCs looking for the new, new thing.

    For 2019, SaasStr Europa is projected to bring 2,500 and have twice as much content, according to the website.

    Last year, speakers included:

    • Jason Lemkin, a VC, entrepreneur and founder of SaaStr

    • Guillaume Princen, Stripe’s Head of France & Southern Europe

    • Marc Diouane, president of Zuora

    and a whole bunch of Tier 2 VCs.

    This year’s, one of the speakers could be you, and you can get details here.

    Tickets start at $249 (not euros) and you can get them here.

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