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    Terry Boyd

    Snow, scenery and a whole bunch of German (and one American) bands inspired by the Strokes and Nirvana.

    This festival in the mountains south of Salzburg is going on its seventh year after starting – most of these festivals do – as a party that got out of hand.

    On the bill for 2018 are Beatsteaks, Granada and Seiler & Speer. You can see the whole list here.

    BERGFESTival runs from 7 December thru 9 December. Tickets start at 85 euros and you can get festival/hotel packages.

    Get yours here.

    Unlike most of these things, parents who use to party hard show up at BERGFESTival with their kids. So you don’t have to be 19 to attend, though it helps. Because, well, it’s only rock’n roll and we like it!

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