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    Terry Boyd

    We have mixed feelings about PIRATE Summit. Billed as “Europe’s craziest startup conference,” it’s kind of a cutesy concept that dates back to Steve Jobs flying a pirate flag from the building where his team was working on Macintosh.

    But we decided to include it again this year because organizers are, to quote the website, “going back to the roots.” The roots being the idea that if you attract lot of innovative startups, investors will come.

    First, the event moves to July this year from September in 2017 … a good move because it’s one of the few July events and not lost among the hundreds scheduled for the fall. Also, people are on vacation, so investors and corporate types might be more likely to attend.

    Second, organizers admitted they were initially terrible at the basics, such as registration and catering. (Which is pretty funny, since the idea of pirates and brigands running a big event with thousands of people does not engender confidence.)

    Third, and most importantly, they changed the criteria for getting into this invitation-only event.

    Here’s the mix they’re looking for:

    50 percent startup founders
    20 percent active investors
    15 percent corporate executives
    10 percent movers and shakers
    5 percent sponsors/partners

    You can see the full post on Medium about PIRATE Summit changes.

    Tickets start at 199 euros for startups, and you can apply here.

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