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    Terry Boyd

    This is yet another company with an Estonia heritage. And like Skype and TransferWise, we see great things for Pipedrive, which is a next-gen CRM/sales-management software. We’re not the only ones to see the potential. Pipedrive just got a $10 million C round from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, the investment arm of the German telecom giant. The 8-year-old scale-up has raised a total of $90 million from big names including Atomico.

    Will it be the next Salesforce? Who knows ….

    What we do know is, Pipedrive has HQs in both NYC and Tallinn with operations in those countries as well as in Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic with plans to push into Germany.

    Pipeline has more than 20 openings in Estonia, and openings in New York, Lisbon, London and Prague including lots of positions for product managers, developers and engineers including:

    • IOS developer in Tallinn

    • Front end developer in Lisbon

    • Full stack developer in Prague

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