On the edge of the desert outside Marrakesh, Morocco – Atlas Electronic:

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    Terry Boyd

    This is yet another world music and arts festival wrapped in an exotic trip, and easily accessible from Europe.

    Atlas Electronic, which runs from 30 August to 2 Sept. has some surprisingly diverse experiences from dancing to the ubiquitous Jaime XX to listening to obscure African musicians to arts and culture to lux accommodations. Despite the “Atlas Electronic” moniker, much of the music is actually acoustic.

    Atlas Electronic is held at Villa Janna, an ecolodge a few miles outside Marrakech. Though it’s run by a Dutch group, the website is exceedingly unhelpful when it comes to actual details about the event down to the dates or how to get there, but the Atlas Electronic itself looks great. Attendance is capped at 2,000 people, so don’t wait to get your ticket.

    The final batch is on sale at 164 euros and you can get them here.

    If you want a preview, the Independent website has a great review of the 2017 Atlas Electronic, which you can see here.

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