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    UNUM Festival returns to the beaches and pine forests of Shenghin on the Albanian Riviera in what we’ve taken to calling New South Croatia. (Yes, we know it’s Albania, but it’s the same Adriatic coast, only sunnier and hotter.) We have to give UNUM Festival organizers credit for taking a big risk, but they say they have the backing of Albania’s Tourism and Environment officials, as well as of Ministry of Health people, and can pull off this fairly ambitious EDM concert – 50 scheduled acts over five days and four nights – safely. Organizers note that Albania is first country in the world to approve of testing for social and cultural events.

    From the news release:

    The advancing technology and accuracy of rapid tests currently allows for results within 10-15 minutes, which is all that would be required to ensure you can enjoy the festival in the way it should be enjoyed

    It’s also likely by June that vaccinations will have reached most of the populations of Western Europe and the United Kingdom.

    Two thousand nineteen was the first year for this event on Rana e Hedhun, “the last untapped corner of Europe in the town of Shengjin, on the idyllic Albanian coastline,” according to a news release.

    Acts include a lot of people we never heard of and Seth Troxler. Believe it or not, the first ticket release is sold out. Second-release tickets are 139 euros and you can get them here.

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