Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland outside Warsaw – Instytut Festival:

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    Terry Boyd

    This is the second year for Instytut Festival and we don’t know that much about it. But the concept is cool – a techno party at a humongous 19th-century fortress (check out the vid above) 50 kilometers outside Warsaw, and overlooking the confluence of two rivers. What’s not to like?

    Now, throw in top acts such as Ben Klock and Tommy Four Seven from Berlin, and the far, far out Richie Hawtin and boom! You have yourself a fun couple of days – 21 and 22 June, to be precise. Again, see the video for the full list of DJs/live acts announced so far.

    Tickets start at 170 Polish zloty (zlotys?), or about 40 euros.

    You can get tickets here, but you have to go down to the bottom of the page and find the English section, then click on the appropriate links.

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