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    Terry Boyd

    That name is a little awkward: “So, you got a new job!” “Yeah, I work at NA-KD. No, I don’t work naked, I work at NA-KD.”

    But this two-year-old e-commerce market startup has been doing well as of late. NA-KD executives stated they sold 11 million euros’ worth of merchandise during the Black Friday weekend, adding the company had reached an annual net revenue (not net income) of 100 million euros, according to a news release. In that same release, they stated the website had more than 3.5 million visits over the Black Friday week, with more than 120,000 orders placed and shipped to more than 70 countries. Which is a busy 30 seconds at Amazon, but we see the potential.

    NA-KD has more than 30 jobs listed on its website including business intelligence director (we thought we drop in a non-tech job for fun.)

    Quals include:

    Academic credentials, including a degree from a “top institution”
    Seven-plus years of business experience within fashion/e-commerce
    Global or multi-national business experience.
    You can apply here.

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