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    Terry Boyd

    Okay, Morocco isn’t technically Europe, but you can get there from here. And September technically isn’t summer, but the summer lasts a lot longer in North Africa.

    Oasis Festival is literally at an oasis on the edge of the Amazigh country, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, so it would be tough to find a more exotic setting. The music also is exotic, with big name DJs from Europe, Australia, the U.S. and Bali.

    Here’s a sample:

    Honey Dijon, Kosh, DJ Python, Ben Klock

    You can see the full lineup here.

    Morocco’s music scene is in its infancy but growing. This is the fourth year for Oasis Festival, which is mostly sold out. But as we always say, there’s next year …

    The last of the tickets start at 182 euros and you can get them here.

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