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    Terry Boyd

    Another mega summer festival with Name acts, Garorock runs from 27 thru 20 June in Marmande southeast of Bordeaux.

    Let’s get right to the Names (live acts and DJs), which are semi-huge in the 12th year for this festival: DIMA, Marshmello, Charlotte de Witte, Vici Vici, Ben Harper, Macklemore and DJ Snake, with some to-be-announced acts.

    This is one of the “the experience is the thing” gatherings, with camping, yoga in open spaces, pop-up performances, rides, pickup football games, picnicking with veggie food offerings and lots of socializing. Bring your extroverted self.

    Tickets start at 160 euros without camping and you can get them here.

    The website has a lot of detailed info, but it’s translated from French to A Language Kind Of Like English. Still …..

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