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    Terry Boyd

    Lampedusa is a tiny dot out in the Mediterranean, closer to Tunisia than Sicily – 70 miles from Africa and 127 miles from Europe. This Italian island is celebrated as one of Italy’s best beach destinations. And the best beach on Lampedusa is Rabbit Beach, also referred to as “Rabbit Island.” First, there are no rabbits on Rabbit Island. The name come from a mistranslation of some ancient text, according to the sources we saw.

    Second, this trip requires that you bring along a bit of political baggage. Because it’s so close to Tunisia, Lampedusa has been the first stop for a lot of migrants trying to get to mainland Europe. Which has pretty much killed tourism here. The wave of asylum seekers has abated to some extent, so the crowds are returning because Rabbit Beach consistently is rated the best beach in Europe.

    Rabbit Island is in Lampedusa’s nature preserve, and there are turtles and porpoises. It’s as close to unspoiled as you can get in Italy. But Lampedusa is still dead-center of the biggest geopolitical controversy of the 21st century. So don’t forget to bring your conscience along with your sunblock.

    TripAdvisor’s crowd-sourced rating: A perfect 5 out of 5 (4,706 reviews.)

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