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    Terry Boyd

    Our featured company is JW Player. We told you about JW Player a couple of years ago … that founder Jeroen Wijering is planning for an IPO. Well, JW Player – founded in 2005 – just reached an important milestone on that journey, raising $100 million earlier this month from LLR Partners, a Philadelphia-based private equity firm.

    This is also an important milestone for Eindhoven because homey Wijering is the guy who wrote the code that made YouTube possible, one more reason we see Eindhoven as Europe’s most influential tech hub. So, this is your chance to join the company that created foundational web technology. Of course, back when Jeroen started JW Player, there was little or no early stage investment capital in the Netherlands. So the company ended up going to New York for funding and now is headquartered there with American Harvard biz school grad Dave Otten as CEO. But Jeroen and his core team of developers remain in Eindhoven.

    JW Player has an opening for a senior software engineer, and you can work in Eindhoven or the United Kingdom, though the benes are better in the Netherlands.

    (Thanks to JW Player’s Anna Corsetti for the heads-up.)

    The amazing thing about JW Player is that they’re even more employee-friendly than companies in The Valley.

    So we’re going to start with the benefits for the Netherlands team, which include:

    • 25 days of personal time off

    • you get to take advantage of the Netherlands’ 30-percent tax ruling meant to cover the cost of relocating.

    • you get parental leave (try that in the States).

    • and you get a personal development budget.

    That’s in addition to medical and pension.

    Okay, that’s really just the beginning.

    JW Player corporate culture includes:

    • bi-annual hack weeks

    • employee-led instruction on everything from deep learning to knitting

    • AMA (Ask Me Anything) and Fireside chats with Executives & JW Player family

    • a new-hire “International Buddy” program

    Of course, you have to perform.

    Here are the requirements:

    • Contribute to the architecture of a production-scale service layer
    • Build features for innovative products that help customers grow and monetize their
    • Design and build scalable performant services supporting thousands of requests per
    • Work in a collaborative, cross-functional team that enjoys a high level of autonomy
    • Code as part of a highly technical team in a fast paced, agile environment
    • Prototype new ideas and explore new solutions to the growing list of problems the
      platform solves
    • Participate in planning activities, code review, providing feedback and mentorship to your
    • Lead the execution of major product initiatives
    • Participate in bi-annual hackathons where you will have the opportunity to innovate with
      engineers beyond your team

    You have:

    • 4-plus years of relevant experience
    • proven track record of ownership of maintainable, stable and scalable software
    • experience with microservices architecture: designing, creating, deploying, testing and
    • an obsession with code quality. Whether it’s pure unit tests, integration tests or both, you
      know you are responsible for your code working correctly and can easily validate this
      with tests that can be hooked into a CI environment.
    • experience doing database design and RDBMS concepts
    • strong understanding of source control management systems and you know your way
      around Unix/Linux.
    • comfortable working in a Cloud environment, ideally AWS. The JW Player DevOps team
      is available to help, but collaboration and understanding will help you too.
    • a collaborative mindside. There are multiple ways to engineer a solution, and a code review is a chance to share knowledge, not judge others’ code.

    Bonus Points:

    • Contribute to existing open-source projects as well as your own
    • Experience with event-driven or message-driven architecture
    • Knowledge of video encoding and/or streaming protocols
    • Experience with web video
    • Experience with Docker and/or Linux Containers

    You can apply here.

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