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    Terry Boyd

    This isn’t an event per se. Spring Break for uni students in Europe typically is in late April to May. (Universities here don’t have the same semester schedules as their counterparts in the States.)

    Multiple companies offer package trips to this Spanish island designed for college students, so this is an affordable way to trade the pressure of school in cold, damp Europe for the beaches and raves of warm, sunny Europe. Stoke Travel has two separate package dates – 12 thru 15 April and 19 thru 22 April – starting at 240 pounds and both will sell out. You can get your tickets here.

    If you’re a student already in Spain, there’s this boat-trip package from Valencia through Unitrips.

    But those in the know say Ibiza is changing. Mixmag has a long post/graphic about all the changes around this island including new noise restrictions designed to keep the partying to a dull roar in consideration of 12-month residents who maybe aren’t that crazy about hearing trance music blasting at 4 a.m.

    Top clubs and resorts on the island include:


    Clockwork Orange

    Ibiza Rocks Hotel/Club Paradiso

    Ibiza Underground


    O Beach




    There’s got to be something you like on this list, so feel free to create your own Spring Break experience. Ibiza isn’t the cheap paradise it was in the 1960s, but it remains a destination that tries to cater to all budgets, from wealthy Europeans to British kids trying to have the maximum amount of fun for the minimal outlay.

    If you want to understand the allure of Ibiza and how the party scene came together, read this BBC story

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