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    Terry Boyd

    Boston-based HubSpot has gotten a LOT of pub for its work culture, consistently ranked among the highest-rated tech employers.

    On the company’s landing page is a 128-slide LinkedIn deck covering in painful detail how HubSpot is revolutionizing the way people work … in a good way.

    So, what do they do to generate the revenue to make employees’ lives so fantastic? Inbound marketing and sales software. That’s it. BUT, HubSpot combines everything from SEO to personalization and generates hundreds of millions of dollars/euros doing it.

    By our count, HubSpot has about 50 openings in Europe, with Dublin (it’s Europe HQ) having the most followed by Berlin. There are more than a dozen tech jobs for developers and software types in Dublin alone, with most of the jobs in Berlin in customer support and sales.

    Jobs in Dublin include:

    • Senior software engineer

    • SEO content strategist (Spanish)

    • Business systems analyst

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