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    What’s that sound? Destiny calling? Opportunity knocking? Today could be your lucky day….

    HighTechXL, Eindhoven’s high-tech accelerator, is offering 6-month traineeships to work with them after the summer holidays.

    They are looking for “sherpas.” You know the type: Someone who helps you climb the mountain and guides you through the program.

    HighTechXL is searching for people who are:

    • driven by innovation and building a business
    • have an international mindset
    • team players
    • interested in working in a dynamic organization

    They are offering:

    • 6-month experience in a fast-growing business environment
    • the opportunity to work closely with big corporations such as ASML, Philips and other tech giants
    • a possible assignment in Shanghai (!)

    Casting Day is set for 23 August from 13:00-17:00.

    Please email your CV to [email protected] by Monday, August 20.

    You can find more information here.

    (Editor’s note: Don’t pay attention to the dates at the end of the video above! They have been extended and you still have time to apply by August 20.)

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