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    Terry Boyd

    This is one of the most influential positions in Eindhoven’s startup scene. Venture builder/accelerator HighTechXL is the prime mover in Eindhoven’s startup ecosystem, having produced a number of successful companies since 2015 including robotics pioneer Accerion, Amber Mobility, recycled plastics innovator Sustonable and Bambi Medical.

    In 2018, HighTechXL made a dramatic pivot to deeptech in partnership with the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, with technology from CERN, the European Space Agency, Philips and several advanced independent research labs including TNO.

    Now, they’re looking for a CTO. This is a crucial position, because the CTO works with the tech scouting team, who liaise with the most advanced labs in Europe assessing new tech HighTechXL then turns into startups.

    CTO candidates should have:

    • a deep technical background and experience in, for instance, machine building, high-tech equipment development, photonics, medical device development or other disciplines.

    • a significant, far-reaching professional network.

    • experience in building partnerships and organizing projects.

    • interest in coaching and supporting startups already in the early stages of technology development with technical expertise, networking and mentoring.

    Together with other members of the tech team, the CTO will be responsible for tech scouting including assessing which technologies will go into the next FasTrackathon and are considered innovative enough to build teams around. You are the interface with the tech institutes and you coach and support startups on technical deliverables.

    You can send your CV and motivation letter to Esther Peeks: [email protected]

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