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    Terry Boyd

    As an InCooling team member, you can expect to work in the development of state-of-the-art in-chip cooling solutions.

    InCooling is a startup that, together with years of CERN expertise, unlocks the full potential of processors, providing the next generation performance today. With our solution that enables 3D chip-stacking, the semiconductor industry can foresee a future where Moore’s law will be always alive.

    In the upcoming year, we will be developing our first on-chip cooling system and working in the research and development for the integrated in-chip cooling solution together with NTS group and ASML. To strengthen our team, we are looking for additional technical knowledge. All levels of experience and availability are welcome to apply.

    Technical Expert Semiconductor Industry

    -You have experience in the computer hardware or semiconductor industry.

    -You are passionate about high performance computing.

    -You can prepare, execute and analyze technical tests on chip performance.

    -You are familiar with the architecture of a chip and chip design including surrounding environment (RDL, package).

    -You are flexible and you feel comfortable working in international and multidisciplinary environments.

    -You enjoy working autonomously.

    -You know how to get things done.

    By joining our team, we offer the opportunity to join a startup partnering with CERN and Nikhef that will enable the big companies to satisfy the performance demand of a technology-driven world. A percentage of equity is still available.


    Deadline subscriptions: 10.01.2019

    Apply via [email protected]

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