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    LIFESTYLE & CULTURE Europe and beyond: Dispatches’ 2019 list of the best Spring Break, summer destinations
    BydispatcheseuroPosted on April 19, 2019

    (Editor’s note: If you want your event listed, send the details to: [email protected] or [email protected]. Also, see our list of EDM events/parties here.)

    Spring break begins (semi-officially) with the Easter Break, with Easter itself on Sunday, 21 April. With schools out from the United Kingdom to Italy, it’s no coincidence the biggest ski/music festivals and the first of the sun/fun parties are in late April into early summer. (Here’s the full school holiday list for Europe.)

    As we’ve said before, there are way more festivals and parties than talent. So in 2019, finding your Spring Break/summer fun destination comes down to deciding which acts/DJs you want to see playing the genres you like in the locations you’re willing to spend time and money to reach.

    The good news is, the mega-festivals that sold out instantly last year don’t seem to be selling out quite as quickly this year … with the exception of Wildeburg (see below). Is it over-saturation? Is it Brexit? Don’t ask … just plan.

    Also, in 2019, boutique festivals are becoming more popular, with almost half the people responding to a recent poll saying they want events that are more intimate. So, we’re adding more to our list.

    Ibiza – Spring Break Ibiza: This isn’t an event per se. Spring Break for uni students in Europe typically is in late April to May. (Universities here don’t have the same semester schedules as their counterparts in the States.)

    Multiple companies offer package trips to this Spanish island designed for college students, so this is an affordable way to trade the pressure of school in cold, damp Europe for the beaches and raves of warm, sunny Europe. Stoke Travel has two separate package dates – 12 thru 15 April and 19 thru 22 April – starting at 240 pounds and both will sell out. You can get your tickets here.

    If you’re a student already in Spain, there’s this boat-trip package from Valencia through Unitrips.

    But those in the know say Ibiza is changing. Mixmag has a long post/graphic about all the changes around this island including new noise restrictions designed to keep the partying to a dull roar in consideration of 12-month residents who maybe aren’t that crazy about hearing trance music blasting at 4 a.m.

    Top clubs and resorts on the island include:


    Clockwork Orange

    Ibiza Rocks Hotel/Club Paradiso

    Ibiza Underground


    O Beach




    There’s got to be something you like on this list, so feel free to create your own Spring Break experience. Ibiza isn’t the cheap paradise it was in the 1960s, but it remains a destination that tries to cater to all budgets, from wealthy Europeans to British kids trying to have the maximum amount of fun for the minimal outlay.

    If you want to understand the allure of Ibiza and how the party scene came together, read this BBC story.

    Algarve, Portugal – Spring Break Portugal: A sun-and-fun alternative to Croatia, Spring Break Portugal is a more diverse event than, say, Zrce Beach.

    Ischgl, Austria – Top of the Mountain: This is the closing event in Ischgl for the snow/ski circuit. For 2019, the season will close with a 30 April concert by legendary American rocker Lenny Kravitz. And who knew this guy is 54 years old? He looks like he’s 24. Party on, bro’.

    Tickets with lift tickets are 115 euros. You can get on the pre-sale list here.

    Be sure to read the website because there are details you need to know before you go. And it says right on the website, “Be there or be sqaure.” Which we haven’t heard since high school.

    Kaunertal, Austria – Snowboard Spring Break: This is another major stop on the British snowboarder calendar, 28 April thru 2 May.

    SSB brings together snowboarders, retailers, brands, media, industry and pros – basically, the people who create the products and the people who use them – in Kaunertal, Austria. So this is part industry event, part party.

    You can get tickets yet, so follow their Instagram feed here to get details as they’re released.

    • MAY

    Malta – Annie Mac Presents: Lost & Found : We have the first of the major EDM festivals for 2019.

    The Radio 1 DJ/personality celebrates her fifth anniversary Malta season 2 thru 5 May with four days and four nights on this Mediterranean party island.

    This year’s AMP L&F lineup includes regulars and newbies – Mall Grab, Horse Meat Disco, Denis Sulta, RAYE, The Black Madonna, Peggy Gou, Chase & Status and Honey Dijon all join the bill. We count at least 50 acts announced so far for all the events including castle raves, boat parties and pool parties. Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff packed into a few days.

    General Admission starts at 109 pounds, and VIP tickets start at 149 pounds.

    You can get tickets here.

    PS – We really liked the bingo video from last year, but can’t find it.

    Ibiza – Amnesia. On 11 May, the legendary Amnesia opens in Ibiza, and tickets are already on sale here.

    Swiss/Chilean DJ Luciano, who’s strongly influenced by the Latin American beat, is the act that takes Ibiza’s most famous club into what is shaping up to be memorable summer.

    You can get tickets to all Amnesia parties here.

    Barcelona – Primavera Sound: Primavera Sound is one of The Majors, an 11 on the Glastonbury Scale.

    The festival attracts crowds of 200,000-plus music lovers. Everyone has played Primavera from the Pixies to Radiohead to Kendrick Lamar. Dozens of acts each day.

    This year, the festival’s nineteenth, Primavera runs from 27 May to 2 June. The big names include pretty much every act on the planet – Names and newbies – from every genre including Nina Kraviz, Cardi B, Tame Impala, Solange, James Blake, Mac DeMarco, Denis Sulta, Guided by Voices, James Blake and a hundred acts we’ve never heard of.

    The format is a bit confusing, with three nights (27 through 29 May) at one venue, la Ciutat, then the main festival acts 30 May through 1 June at a different venue, Parc del Forum. Then back to la Ciutat for 2 June. (Here’s the full daily schedule.)

    Full-day tickets start at 195 euros and you can get yours here.

    Polkovnik, Bulgaria – Meadows in the Mountains: We meant to post this earlier because this is the event that got the most positive reaction from our readers last year. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    Meadows in the Mountains runs from 6 June thru 9 Junes in the bucolic mountains between Plovdiv and the Black Sea. This is another boutique event that’s not for everyone … just those seeking bliss through wellness and authentic cultural experiences such as sleeping in a village house, meeting locals, camping in the woods and wearing crazy costumes. (Check out the vid.)

    Of course, the best things in life most certainly aren’t fee, and MitM tickets start at 140 euros … and throw in another 50 euros for the spa sessions. You can get tickets here.

    Dhëmi, Albania – Kala: Is Albania the new Croatia? Our personal experiences in Albania aside (not good), our expat network which includes lots of people from Romania and Emerging Europe, assure us they love Albania, which has more shoreline than Croatia.

    This is the second year for Kala, which takes place on the “Albanian Rivera.” Which sounds weird. But by all accounts, this is a rockin’ little festival. So if you’ve got the week open from 12 to 19 June, what-the-hey, right?

    There are some names including Honey Dijon and the Menendez Brothers.

    This is more of a lifestyle festival, with yoga and more mellow moments in the sun.

    Tickets are 179 pounds and all are sold WITH accomodations. (You can also get packages with flights into Corfu, the nearest airport.) You can get tickets here.

    Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland outside Warsaw – Instytut Festival: This is the second year for Instytut Festival and we don’t know that much about it. But the concept is cool – a techno party at a humongous 19th-century fortress (check out the vid above) 50 kilometers outside Warsaw, and overlooking the confluence of two rivers. What’s not to like?

    Now, throw in top acts such as Ben Klock and Tommy Four Seven from Berlin, and the far, far out Richie Hawtin and boom! You have yourself a fun couple of days – 21 and 22 June, to be precise. Again, see the video for the full list of DJs/live acts announced so far.

    Tickets start at 170 Polish zloty (zlotys? zloties?), or about 40 euros.

    You can get tickets here, but you have to go down to the bottom of the page and find the English section, then click on the appropriate links.

    Marmande, France – Garorock: Another mega summer festival with Name acts, Garorock runs from 27 thru 30 June in Marmande southeast of Bordeaux.

    Let’s get right to the Names (live acts and DJs), which are semi-huge in the 12th year for this festival: DIMA, Marshmello, Charlotte de Witte, Vici Vici, Ben Harper, Macklemore and DJ Snake, with some to-be-announced acts.

    This is one of the “the experience is the thing” gatherings, with camping, yoga in open spaces, pop-up performances, rides, pickup football games, picnicking with veggie food offerings and lots of socializing. Bring your extroverted self.

    Tickets start at 160 euros without camping and you can get them here.

    The website has a lot of detailed info, but it’s translated from French to A Language Kind Of Like English. Still …..

    At the exact same time, there’s also Rock Werchter in Belgium. This is where you can catch all the top hipster acts you’d completely forgotten about including Mumford & Sons, Weezer and Vance Joy, as well as still-hot acts such as Pink and Florence and the Machine.

    Passes start at 243 euros and you can get them here.

    Zrce Beach, Croatia – Zrce Spring Break: If your ideal Spring Break is drinking pìna coladas and getting caught in the rain, this is seriously NOT where you want to go.

    This is the big one … the Mother of All Spring Break Parties. From 30 May thru 2 June, an amazing number of pasty but buff kids from Liverpool, Manchester and Coventry join kids from Italy, Turkey and the rest of Europe at Zrce Beach for four days of drinking, partying, hooking up and music. Or as one of the marketing websites puts it, “hedonistic mayhem.” ZSB is held at two different clubs … the Aquarius and the Kalypso.

    The only two acts announced so far are German rapper Bausa and Dutch DJ Head Hunterz, so more as we know more.

    Tickets start at 99 euros, and there are hotel packages starting at 132 euro. You can get yours here.

    • JULY

    Zrce Beach – Hideout Festival: Tickets are already selling out for this summer fav at Zrce Beach, scheduled for 1 July thru 5 July. Hideout promises 150 artists, and some of the more than 100 names announced for 2019 include Camelphat, Barely Legal, Charlotte de Witte and Horse Meat Disco. Tickets are on sale here for the moment, with Early Birds gone, Tier 2 tickets going for 159 pounds, and Tier 3 tickets are on sale.

    This has been a sellout since 2011, when The Telegraph posted Hideout on their list of best festivals. Flight packages are also available, with options flying from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Dublin to Zadar and Split and at very competitive prices. More info here.

    This is one of Croatia’s mega-festivals with beach parties, boat parties and pool parties. Hideout just sent us word the beach party is back and FISHER, Danny Howard, Melé, Dom Dolla and Franky Wah are the headliners. And they just announced their boat party lineup, which includes Mall Grab.

    Lake Balaton, Hungary – Balaton Sound: From 3 July to 7 July, a huge lake in rural Hungary is the setting for what is arguably (we’re arguing with ourselves because we tend to call every big festival “the biggest”) the biggest festival of 2019.

    We’ve hesitated to recommend Hungary this year because of the politics. But this 12-year-old festival has the strongest 2019 lineup of anything we’ve seen.

    That lineup includes:

    • Armin van Buuren

    • Tiësto

    • The Chainmokers

    • J. Balvin

    • Marshmello

    • Sean Paul

    You know when Camelphat and the Martinez Brothers are buried down in the list that the stages will be filled with stellar talent.

    Tickets start at 179 euros for a three-day pass. (Remember, there are five days.) You can get them here.

    And this is kind of cool … you can grab a special Balaton Sound bus from the Netherlands and Belgium.

    The festival is staged on a huge piece of property with multiple stages and there are lots of options when it comes to places to stay including beach camping. Check out the details on the website.

    Figueira de Foz, Portugal – RFM SOMNII: RFM Somnii, scheduled for 5 thru 7 July, bills itself as “the largest beach festival in Europe.” And there are seriously big names for 2019 including Afrojack, Radical Redemption, DJ Snake, Jay Hardaway and American rapper Tyga (assuming he’s not in jail) to break up the Dutch monopoly.

    This 8-year-old festival, sponsored by RFM Radio, is heavy on trance and hardstyle, and it usually draws more than 100,000 fans. Because it’s on a beach. In Portugal. Tickets start at 26.50 euros per day, and you can get them here.

    Remember, camping goes fast, so if you’re gonna’ go, reserve yours quickly.

    Wildeburg, Netherlands – Wildebrug Festival: This is on us. Even though it’s 12 thru 14 July, we’re still telling you about Wildeburg too late to get tickets for 2019 (though not to get on the waiting list). This outdoor festival north of Amsterdam is a favorite of all our Dutch friends, and have been going for years and years. It’s that cool. (Check out the vid above.)

    This year, Wildeburg features at least 70 acts on four stages. There’s camping, food and bands playing during the day in what is essentially a small village in the middle of nowhere. And strictly speaking, this isn’t an EDM event – the music is from lots of genres.

    You can get on the waiting list here … and there’s always next year.

    Tisno, Croatia – SuncéBeat Festival Croatia 2019: Is your life missing something? Is EDM really enough?

    If not, here’s a festival in the sun (as the name suggests) from 24 thru 21 July offering more musically. Not just underground House, Disco, and Techno, but Soul, R&B and Funk. All we can say is, “Turn that Beat Around.” Not many ticket levels are left, and they start at 175 pounds. You can get tickets here.

    SuncéBeat just announced more acts …check out the website for that info and new info about camping for 2019.

    Also, there are multiple accommodation options including tents, a hostel and Airstream trailers on the beach.

    If SuncéBeach is sold out, try Hospitality. Their Croatian beach event runs from 12 July thru 16 July at The Garden in Tisno.

    Portimao, The Algarve, Portugal – Afro Nation Festival: Portugal seems to be taking on Croatia this year in the battle to have the most music festivals. Afro Nation Festival, scheduled for 1 August thru 4 August, is the latest entree. This time it’s the “biggest urban beach party in Europe.” This debut event celebrates afrobeats, hip-hop, UK rap, reggae and dancehall. If you’re into these genres, you need to know BBC Sound of 2019 winner Octavian is on the bill, as are Busy Signal and other reggae and dancehall stars. Check it out … for next year. It looks like it’s already sold out, but you can see if there’s second ticket issue here.

    Castelbuono, Sicily – Ypsigrock Festival 2019: This is an intimate, boutique festival in a medieval Sicilian mountain village. Which sounds sooo cool right off the bat. From 8 thru 11 August, Castelbuono becomes a multi-stage destination for music and art lovers. The lineup was just released and includes The National from our unofficial hometown of Cincinnati. You can see the full lineup here.

    Tickets are on sale now here starting at 89 euros.

    If you’re bored on the beach, this could be just the ticket. Flow Festival is a celebration of music and all the performing arts from street art to light installations. Oh, and there’s an opera. Contemporary dance, electronic music and audiovisual art take over the Finnish National Opera’s Almi Hall Wednesday, 7 August and Thursday, 8 August preceding Flow Festival, which runs from the 9th thru the 11th.

    On the music side, this is another Names festival, with Cardi B, Neneh Cherry and Erykah Badu as well as a bunch of Resident Advisor and Reaktor Backyard talent.

    Tickets start at 105 euros for one day, and you can get them here.

    There are also travel and hotel packages starting at 276.50 euros.

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