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    Terry Boyd

    Formula E: The future of motorsport is electric; what better way to bear witness than experiencing the future with Formula E.

    The series features 10 teams of two drivers each competing around the world in all-electric race cars, including four events in Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Zurich between mid-April and early June during the 2017-18 season. Each race runs for 50 minutes with a mandatory pit stop to change cars, as the batteries for each car only lasts so long; this issue will cease to be one in the 2018-19 season, when the second-generation Formula E car takes to the grid. Plus, fans can vote social media to give their favorite drivers an extra boost of electric power, the top three winning drivers receiving an additional 100 kilojoule of energy within a given window during competition.

    Tickets to each event can be had through the links above. Some events are sold-out already, however.

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      Jyll Stuart

      I really enjoy Formula E! Much more so than Indy Car!

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