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    Terry Boyd

    Forget the conventional computer chip because pretty soon, no one will be able to get improved performance out of electrons racing through an integrated circuit etched on silicon. Moore’s Law (which of course was not a “law,” but a prediction) has hit the wall. What’s coming next is photonics, and this new industry is being created at this very moment in Eindhoven.

    EFFECT Photonics just completed its B round of funding, according to a new release. EFFECT builds “low-cost, wavelength-tunable optical transceivers with industrial temperature specification to be deployed within the next generation 5G mobile infrastructure.” This is at the vanguard of the switch from electrical circuitry in the semiconductor industry to using light packets to transmit data.

    Betting on tech companies coming out of Eindhoven is a pretty smart move, because most spin-outs from electronics giant Philips with a lot of the R&D done years ago. And had you been in the early ranks of ASML employees and gotten stock, you’d be doing very well indeed.

    EFFECT Photonics is looking for a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) process engineer. We’re not sure what this job will entail, but if you do, you should probably apply here.

    Here are some of the requirements:

    For this position, you need to possess deep knowledge of typical III-V semiconductor foundry processes such as ICP etching, lithography, wet etching of Indium Phosphide and related alloys. The ideal candidate has an engineering background (MSc or Ph.D. and 3-5 years working experience) and preferably specialised training in Statistical Data Analysis and 6-sigma.

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