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    Terry Boyd

    With the help of, I found the Jacobs Inn Hostel, which had a bathroom in each room and privacy curtains around each bunk.

    DUBLIN FROM JACOBS INN (Photo by Beth Hoke for Dispatches Europe)

    As with the student housing, I expected a young, noisy crowd, especially since it was summer in Dublin and excitement about the World Cup was nearing fever pitch. Instead, I found people from a wide age range. Single travelers, student groups, and families all peacefully coexisted in a well-run establishment with a kitchen, TV room, common area, and rooftop lounge with a great view of Dublin.

    The beds were comfortable and built on top of lockable storage bins for each person. The bathrooms were kept as clean as they could be in a dorm-like environment. And everyone was quiet and respectful.

    Rates range from 31 euros per night for a spot in a 12-person dorm to 285 pounds for a private room for 10.

    For the price, I’d stay there again.

    I expected the moral of my story to be “You get what you pay for.” That wasn’t the case at all.

    Of all the places I slept that week, I was most disappointed in the Hilton and most pleasantly surprised by our mid-range accommodations at the Destiny Student properties.

    Traveling is an adventure and where you stay should be a part of that.

    Think of it this way, if you have an average stay in a bland hotel, you won’t have a story to tell!

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