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    Terry Boyd

    Yes, you’re reading this right. Party in Albania.

    Having actually been to Albania, we can’t believe we’re recommending this. But hey, times change. Places change and suddenly, Albania is a travel destination.

    And why shouldn’t it be? Think of Albania as an extension of Croatia’s Adriatic coast, but with far fewer tourists.

    This is a debut, so there’s no track record as with most festivals/summer destinations. The website says to expect a boutique festival with sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and “shockingly good food” with a shockingly low price for tickets and accommodations of 245 pounds for eight days, 20 thru 27 June.

    Performers are connected “more by spirit than genre, according to the website.

    They include BBC 1 fave The Black Madonna, Moodyman from Detroit and Todd Terje from Norway.

    The facilities look basic, but the sea looks sublime. You know, someone had to be the first person to show up for a festival/beach party in Croatia, right?

    You can get tickets here, as well as more information about how to actually get to Dhërmi via Corfu.

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