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    Terry Boyd

    By the Sea: If you live in this part of Europe, you know Den Haag as a great beach destination, with Scheveningen right on the edge of the city. Well, back in the day, this is where a lot of Dutch artists came to be inspired. (We’re thinking that this exhibit starting in July is not merely a happy coincidence.)

    The Gemeentemuseum (literally, the city hall museum) in Den Haag is overshadowed by the Mauritzhaus, to be sure. But the Gemeentemuseum has a pretty cool show starting in July … a show featuring Piet Mondrian, Jan Toorop and Jacoba van Heemskerck. You’ve only heard of one of those three, but this exhibition will have 50 paintings, so you’ll come to love them all.

    The three impressionists, like their French and American colleagues, loved to capture the various effects of light, especially on water. You can see how they worked their magic By the Sea from 14 July through 18 November.

    Mondrian’s work, of course, jumped the shark somewhere along the line and he became a modernist, laying the foundation for abstract expressionist painters such as Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko.

    You can get your advanced tickets here.

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