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    Terry Boyd

    Despite being held in the frozen tundra of Finland in mid-winter, Slush has turned into one of the Big 5 along with Web Summit and TechCrunch Disrupt.

    Last year, 20,000 people were involved either in SLUSH or attended associated events. Crowds at single SLUSH talks were as large as 6,000 people, according to the website.

    The point of Slush is to demonstrate that Europe is chest-bumping The Valley as the dominant tech center. Speakers include founders, investors, startup pioneers and tech aficionados.

    For example, last year Martin Lau, president of Tencent and Ilkka Pannanen, founder of Supercell appeared at the same talk. Between them, they have a couple of hundred million people playing their digital games every day.

    For 2018, heavy hitters including Maximillian Tayenthal, founder of virtual bank N26, Dan Brody from Tencent Investments, Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Management at Google and HubSpot co-founder Brian Halligan. More speakers will be revealed as we get closer to the event.

    You know with that kind of star power, this ain’t gonna’ be cheap. That said, tickets start at 295 euros for startups, which is 100 euros cheaper than last year. Attendee tickets are 795 euros.

    You can get yours here.

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