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    Terry Boyd

    The Festival de Cannes movie week will be long over, but the party will still be going strong.

    Les Plages Électronique is expected to bring 40,000 dance-and-beach fans from all over the world to Cannes from 10 to 12 August for one of the last big blow-out EDM festivals of the summer.

    LPE claims 40,000m2 (500,000 square feet) of dancefloors, 4 stages and more than 40 artists, mostly deep house DJs. New for 2018 are afterparties in Rotunda of the Palais des Festivals that will go to 5 a.m. Oh, yeah, this is a serious party.

    Marquee acts include Kölsch and Norwegian DJ/music producer Kygo.

    Tickets start at about 77 euros and you can get them here.

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