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    We thought Paris-based ride broker Blablacar went public long ago because it’s been around forever. In fact, it has not, though Lyft is poised for an IPO, just beating Uber to the equity markets. So the ride-sharing thing still hasn’t shaken out, and Blablacar still has a chance to dominate in Europe with its carpooling approach.

    This is hardly a startup. Not even a scale-up. Blablacar had an estimated 80 million in 2017 revenue and is on track to break even this year. Business is up about 40 percent, and it just acquired Ouibus and with it, a big investment from the SNCF, the French national rail service.

    Blablacar has a bunch of job openings including 31 in Paris alone. It appears that Blablacar, like everyone else, needs UX team leaders and senior project managers.

    This Head of Platform Engineering job caught our eye, as did the details.

    Two of the key company priorities for the next 12 months are:

    • the ongoing migration from a monolith architecture hosted on-prem to a service-oriented architecture living fully in the Google Cloud Platform, from a PHP / Symfony stack towards a Java / JS dominated one.

    • product evolutions, based on smart geo-matching and practical algorithms that give a personalized experience to each individual user.

    The qualifications are kind of vague: “…work with various seniority levels.” But you need 8-10 years experience in engineering teams within hyper-growth tech companies and you must be fluent in English, while, of course, French is a plus.

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